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6 step process of achievement

You can learn to be the better version of your self here. Doscover self. Make yourself better. This is what you can learn here, and most importantly, implement it in your life.


Inner Calling

Step 1 – If you have an inner calling – which you feel you can share with the world, and, people would be be willing to pay for it – we can help you

Niche Selection

Step 2 – What is your Niche ?, What is your Micro-niche ?, What is the traget audience you want to Serve ?. We shall help you find answers to all these, in the shortest possible time.

The Right Curriculum

Step 3 – Have you decided on what would become the part of your Main Curriculum ? Do you need help with structuring the curriculum for your Online Course ? – we can help you

Mastering the Art

Step 4 – Is about mastering the art. One Can start to teach as you learn, but you have to keep mastering. Master every aspect of what you teach, every day.

The Right tools ?

Step 5 – Every industry has tools of Trade. Have the right tools, and your craft will shine. We help you (A) Select teh right ones for your niche, & (B) Master the Tools.

FD - Financial Denominator

Step 6 – The MOST IMPORTANT success factor for you will be the ability to sell. We train you well in the same. And – its not about you – IT’S ABOUT WHAT RESULTS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE CAN GET, AS THEY ASSOCIATE WITH YOU.



Aim here is at Delivering Value, much more, then your Investment 


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Manish Shah

What makes me different

The Education system of today is Broken. Its still churning White Collar Slaves, which were a fit at the start of the Industrial Revolution, some 150 years back. Youngsters spend 12 years of Schooling & 5 years of college, and come to a reality check, that whatever they learned in 17 odd years, cannot get them more then a couple of thousand rupees every month. Wealth creation remains a far cry for almost all of them, even couple of decades down the line.

I have gone through all this. I am a living example of the above Fact.

And i am here to change this forever. I want to help young Graduates, attain automated wealth creation very early in their life & help them achieve this goal (and sustain it), in a automated way – in as little as 6 to 18 months.

And I will achieve this. I am on a mission to Create Young Leaders and Wealth Creators, who are on a strong footing of Integrity & Values, and who become the next breed of Leaders / Guide / Mentors & Coach – who Walk the Talk very early in their life –  for the Young India. Leaders & Wealth Creators, who create the same across India, and the World.

I Will Achieve this – have burned my past Bridges now, and the only way, if forward.


what to expect

A Wonderfu Life of Wealth & Freedom Awaits all who join – that i can promise. But one will need to leave the so called “Comfort Zone”. The Zone which kills all, very slowly.

3 step blueprint

There are 3 Steps of mastery, which will take you on the Path of your Automated Wealth Creation Journey. 

3 = 3 Days – to Making your Plan of Action

30 = 30 Days – to Setting up your Automated Wealth Creation Properties

90 = 90 days – to Establisahing your Prominence & Wealth

  • 3 DAYS TO PLAN – 90%
  • 30 DAYS TO SET & LAUNCH – 77%
Manish Shah

The Journey has begun – and getting better every day, is the Goal.

only 2 things that matter

1 – A GREAT PRODUCT – You can start with an MVP Course (minimum Viable Course), but keep making it superb as you progress. Ultimately create a Great Course / Product, then make it even better.

2 – TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE – Listen to the Customer. Listen daily. Listen Carefully. Provide Faster Solution. Provide the best solution in your Industry. Keep dailg this daily. Daily. Then Rinse & Repeat. Daily.


A Great Product

Top Notch Customer Service

From My Initial Customers

My Friends & Initial Customers have liked what i do.

“There are many variations of Automated Wealth Creation, but Manish teaches them in a style of his own.”


“Diminishing the Learning curve of Wealth Creation, and that too in a Passive manner – is a boon for young Graduates”


“Wealth Creation in an Automated Way, very early in a Graduate’s life, is an interesting Concept.”


“I have known Manish for Many Years now & he delivers what he promises. I am sure the Young Graduates are in for some real good Wealth Creation opportunities, with him.”


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