The Challenge

The Challenge of Life is discovering who you really are. What is one’s purpose in life. What is the reason, one is really on this earth. I Guess this is not easy for all. But if one is able to crack this – he or she, is at more peace with oneself, there on.

The Solution

The Solution lies in giving more time to the self. It is easy for all of us to get lost in the daily activities, and the mundane chores. But if gradually, one starts listening to the inner self, starts giving at least one hour, daily, early morning, to one self, sooner or later, he or she starts to realise who one really is, and what is his or her purpose in this life.

Organised Retail is Changing Constantly & Rapidly

Upcoming Winners will be the ones who are able to position themselves as “Unique” in a “Perticular Area”, in the eyes of the consumer.

Indian Retail Scenario

With more and varied players, vying for the Indian Retail Scenario, it becomes all the more important, to position Strategically. The future winners, shall definately be the ones, who position themselves, as , “Unique” & “Specialised in a perticular Area”, in the eyes of the consumer.

  • Uniqueness Play 80%
  • Reaching Tier 2 & 3 Towns 85%
  • Shopping Experience 65%

Online Shopping

Online shopping is on the rise, and the future shall belong to the Retailer / Retailers – who shall be able to sync seamlessly, between Brick & Mortar model, and online shopping model – with an eye on nett earnings.

Social Media for Positioning

Social Media shall decide a lot, as to how a Brand is positioned in the minds of the customer, in the times to come. Taking this aspect very seriously, can be a game changer for many upcoming & Prevelant Brands.

Area Specialization

Rather then trying to be good at everything – Retailers shall have to Act on lines of Area Specialization. One needs to be damn good at one area – like Customer Service, or Fashion, or Pricing, ETC. while maintaining its hold / balance on other aspects.

Pocketing the Customer

All real and long lasting sales are about Deep Empathy. The Brand which cares, understands, loves & serves its customers enough – shall keep pocketing its share of sale, without fear of declining sales in the future.

China - World's Fastest Growing B2C E-Commerce Market

Over 300 million people, about half of internet subscribers in China, shopped online in 2013. By 2017, there are expected to be over 500 million online shoppers in China.

In 2013, B2C E-Commerce sales in China grew by over +60% year-on-year to a high double-digit number in EUR billion. In 2014, sales are forecasted to top EUR 100 billion.

China’s largest E-Commerce company, Alibaba, filed for an IPO in the USA in May 2014, while the largest of independent B2C E-Commerce companies,, completed an IPO that month.

Percentage of the Web

In 2011, India was only 3rd in the online market scenario.


By 2015 – that is expected to Treble. Just goes to show the tremendous potential of the Online Retail Boom that is about to happen – or should I say – already happening around us !

WP percentage of web
WP Platform usage

China Online Shopping Portal Usage – Q3 2013

T Mall & JD, are clear winners in China online shopping, in Quarter 3 of 2013. Amazon needs to poick up a lot !

How We Access It

Online Shopping  is being accessed primarily via the web. However, mobile phone and tablet usage has increased greatly over the last year along with a clear rise in desktop apps, becoming a way to experience Online Shopping.

  • Web 73%
  • iOS Devices 31%
  • Android 30%
  • Android Tablets 18%
  • Desktop App 12%

Expected size of Global Luxury Market by 2020

344 Billion –  Say Experts

29 percent

Expected size of Indian Retail Market by 2015

869 Billion –  Say Experts


Size of Indian Retail in 2015

A Look Into the Future

In-store pick up

In the past few months we’ve seen Walmart implement in-store pick up for orders placed online, while Sears and Kmart are going a step further bringing online purchases out to your car. In Chicago, Sears and Kmart are even testing home delivery and bundling items with those from its retail partners at Sears’ Marketplace

Daily deals and flash sales

This may seem like a very crowded playing field, but sites like Ruelala and OneKingsLane are reproducing at a furious pace. And based on how quickly many items sell out, often within minutes of email notifications going out, more will jump on this popular trend.

In Store Shopping Experience

The in-store experience is likely to become better as online shopping grows. As it becomes easier to compare prices, stores will be forced to create better physical experiences with more knowledgeable sales staff and proprietary items hard to find anywhere else.

Big Bazaar - My Life & Soul

Big Bazaar has been my life & soul, for many years now.  It has given me lot of knowledge about the Retail world, and has contributed immensly to my life as a whole.  The Journey continues …

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Most Common Types of Products Purchased Online

Source – Walker Sands 2014 – Future of Retail Study


Consumer Electronics


Officve Supplies


Food & Groceries




Consumer Packaged Goods


Tools & Home


Clothing & Apparel


Sporting goods


Luxury Goods


Household Goods


Pet Supplies




My True Worth should be determined by how much more I give in value, then I take in payment

My Income can be determined by how many people I serve, and how well I serve them.

My Influence can only be determined by how abundently, I place other people’s interest first.

The most valuable Gift, I can ever offer, is Myself.

I can only give enough, If I stay open to receiving enough, always.

  • Integrity 100%
  • Hard Work 70%
  • Relationships 100%


The Meaning

The word Jainism is derived from the Sanskrit verb root jin (“to conquer”). It refers to a battle with the passions and bodily pleasures that the Jain ascetics undertake. Those who win this battle are termed as Jina (conqueror). The term Jaina is therefore used to refer to laymen and ascetics of this tradition alike.


The Jain Agamas are canonical texts of Jainism based on Mahāvīra’s teachings. These comprise forty-six works: twelve angās, twelve upanga āgamas, sixchedasūtras, four mūlasūtras, ten prakīrnaka sūtras and two cūlikasūtras


Jain beliefs postulate that the universe was never created, nor will it ever cease to exist. It is independent and self-sufficient, and does not require any superior power to govern it. Elaborate description of the shape and function of the physical and metaphysical universe, and its constituents, is provided in the canonical Jain texts, in commentaries and in the writings of the Jain philosopher-monks. The early Jains contemplated the nature of the earth and universe and developed detailed hypotheses concerning various aspects of astronomy and cosmology

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